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8 Jun 2016: -

The Report of the CIC on Crew Familiarisation on Enclosed Space Entry, carried out jointly by Paris MoU and Tokyo MoU members in September to November of 2015 can be downloaded here. The PSC regimes will continue to pay attention to the correct execution of enclosed space entry drills as 7.9% of drills were found to be unsatisfactory found during the CIC.

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Port State Control Quick Guide with most common detainable items

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Results of the 2014 Paris and Tokyo MoUs Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on STCW hours of rest Submitted by the Paris and Tokyo MoUs SUMMARY Executive summary, dated 6 Apr 2016 

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Flag Administrations targeted by the United States Coast Guard, the Paris MoU and the Tokyo MoU Submitted by the United States, the Paris MoU and the Tokyo MoU SUMMARY Executive summary, dated 6 Apr 2016


1 Mar 2016:- Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) - Latest Developments

Concentrated Inspection Campaign on Crew Familiarization for Enclosed Space Entry in Paris MoU has raised awareness

PSCO’s in the Tokyo MoU and Paris MoU regions have performed a joint Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Crew Familiarization for Enclosed Space Entry from 1 September through 30 November 2015.

In general the results of the CIC indicate that the subject of Enclosed Space Entry is taken seriously by the industry. The CIC did not lead to an increase in the rate of detentions however the actual compliance, shown in drills, could be better. 7.9% of drills were found to be unsatisfactory.

Preliminary results on Enclosed Space Entry for the Paris MoU show that 3776 inspections have been performed using the CIC questionnaire. Of those inspections 54 detentions have CIC topic related deficiencies. The total number of detentions in the 3-month period was 160.

The detention percentage for the CIC period is similar to the average annual percentage. A satisfactory level of compliance was shown and the time invested was well spent to raise awareness of enclosed space entry procedures and check compliance on an important topic where lives can be at stake.

Further analysis will be done on the inspection results to see whether there are any recommendations that could be made to industry, flag States or MoUs. Results of the detailed analysis will be discussed at the annual Committee meeting in May 2016 and the Committee will decide whether or not to publish the results of the CIC.

(Source: Press release of Paris MOU, 22 Feb 2016)


21 Dec 2015: -

Port State Control Performance and Analysis of bulk carriers in 2014

With reference to the enclosed PSC Annual Reports in 2014, summary of PSC performance of bulk carrier in 2014 was made as follows:

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