Issue Summary

INTERCARGO supports accurate measurement of quality, the promotion of quality and the eradication of sub-standard shipping. INTERCARGO works with PSC interests to support :-

  • Harmonised standards and training of inspectors
  • Consistent interpretation on what constitutes clear grounds for inspection
  • The raising of standards of all MoUs to those of the global best.

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The function of port State control is to ensure that shipping conforms to the regulatory requirements of internationally agreed Conventions.   Of the 9 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) areas plus the US Coast Guard, almost all have publicly accessible targeting matrices, selecting vessels based on empirically defined risks associated with owners past performance, vessel type, flag, age, Classification Society etc.  In the overwhelming majority of cases, targeting and inspection is professionally undertaken leading to a safer and more environmentally friendly Industry.

INTERCARGO fully supports the enforcement of regulation through the PSC process. By making detailed information available to the PSC authorities and all other interested parties through our annual “Benchmarking” Report, INTERCARGO provides a transparent and statistically verifiable statement on the performance of various stakeholders including ships entered by INTERCARGO members, thereby encouraging continuous improvement. The strategic aim of INTERCARGO is therefore to "support the MoU policies of rewarding (through fewer inspections) the owners and operators of vessels that perform highly during PSC inspections and to target/improve the below average stakeholders".