Updated on 3 Apr 2017:-

There were 3 hijackings near Somalia between 13 Mar and 1 Apr 2017:

• bunkering tanker MT Aris 13 hijacked on 13 Mar 2017 en route to Mogadishu from Djibouti and approximately 18 km off the northern tip of Somalia; On 16 Mar 16 2017, her crew and the tanker were released from Somali pirate hands due to the efforts of the Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF). (http://eunavfor.eu/eu-naval-force-somalia-confirms-fuel-tanker-aris-13-and-crew-are-safe-and-on-their-way-to-safe-port-after-armed-pirates-depart-ship/)
• ocean going dhow MV Casayr II hijacked on 24 Mar 2017; The dhow has been released on 26 Mar by the pirates after taking one skiff, food and diesel. (https://www.ukmto.org/indian-ocean).
• dhow MV Al Kausar (or Al Kaushar) hijacked off Socotra island on 1 Apr 2017. Pirates took the dhow to Eyl, Somalia (http://eunavfor.eu/eu-naval-force-confirms-indian-dhow-seized-by-pirates-off-coast-of-somalia/)

It is reported that:
• it is highly likely that there are 3 pirate attack groups at sea in the HRA at present off the east coast of northern Somalia.
• the threat of attack by Somali pirates within 300 NM distance from the East coast of Somalia is currently HIGH.


Update on 17 Mar 2017:-

The EU Naval Force (Somalia) confirmed on 16 Mar 2017:

  • Fuel tanker Aris 13 and her crew are now en route to a safe port on the north coast of Somalia after armed pirates, who had been holding the crew since Monday 13 March 2017, departed the ship. The master confirmed that his crew had suffered no injuries during their 4-day ordeal.
  • It is understood that members of the Puntland Maritime Police Force assisted with the ship’s release and are currently on board.
  • Further details about the release are still to be confirmed.

What happened on 13 Mar 2017:-

A detailed update on a serious piracy incident, possibly a hijackin happened on 13 Mar 2017, is available on 14 Mar 2017 from the EU navy headquarters (EU NAVFOR). The Merchant Tanker (MT) ARIS 13 was reportedly taken by an unknown group and taken to the shore in the vicinity of CALUULA, PUNTLAND on 13 Mar 2017.

Assessment of the incident by EU NAVFOR is as follows:

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