INTERCARGO's Brief on the outcome of the 98th session of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 98) which met between the 7th and 16th June 2017, is attached.

The Brief covers topics that may be of interest to members and includes:

  • Cargoes
  • Common Structural Rules
  • Maritime Security
  • In Water Survey Requirements
  • Low Sulphur Fuel (0.5% Cap)
  • Other – Autonomous ships

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Outcome of FAL 41

FAL 41 (the 41st session of the IMO Facilitation Committee) was held on 4 - 7 Apr 2017.

Further to the pre-FAL 41 brief on 28 Mar 2017, here is the outcome of FAL 41 on relevant issues:

1. Tragic loss of bulk carrier Stellar Daisy

FAL 41 was opened on Tue 4 Apr with updates by relevant parities on search and rescue operations for the 22 missing crew and condolences to the families affected by the casualty of the Very Large Ore Carrier Stellar Daisy in the South Atlantic off Uruguay on Fri 31 Mar.

The 4th session of the IMO Sub-Committee on Navigation, Communications and Search and Rescue (NCSR 4) is held on 6-10 Mar 2017. The following items and the progress made at NCSR 4 would be useful for your team covering onboard navigation and communication to refer to.

1. Navigation issues

1.1 Amendments to the existing Long Sand Head two-way route and SUNK Inner precautionary area in the traffic separation scheme "In the SUNK area and in the Northern approaches to the Thames Estuary", were approved and is expected to be adopted by MSC 98 in Jun 2017, as follows:

Outcome of SDC 4 (4th session of the IMO Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Construction), 13-17 Feb 2017

1. General

Large part of SDC 4 this week spent on passenger safety issues which would not be briefed herewith. There are a few aspects at DSC 4 with outcome relevant to bulk carriers, although not specific bulk carrier issues, still requiring members attention, and valuable input and feedback from experiences to guide INTERCARGO to contribute to the following up work of SDC 4, including the work of 2 correspondence groups:

• Application of deadweight-dependent regulations if a deadweight at a trimmed waterline exceeds the even-keel deadweight
• Detailed discussion and continuous work by correspondence group: Revised SOLAS regulation II-1/3-8 and associated guidelines (MSC.1/Circ.1175) and new guidelines for safe mooring operations for all ships
• Detailed discussion in SDC 4/WP.4 and continuous work by correspondence group: Second generation intact stability criteria

23 January 2016

The 4th session of the IMO sub-Committee on Pollution Prevention and Response met at the IMO headquarters in London between 16 and 20 January 2017.

The key topics for members during PPR 4 were:

  • Fuel Oil Availability (Sulphur Cap)
  • Ballast Water Management

Attached below are:

  • The INTERCARGO brief on the meetings outcome
  • Annex 1 – Guidance on methodologies that may used for enumerating viable organisms for Type Approval of BWMS
  • Annex 2 – “Ballast Water Management – How to do it”

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