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2 Dec 2016:-

By end Nov 2016, there were 184 incidents reported highlighting machinery failure, grounding and collision to be the main reasons of bulk carrier incidents:
• Machinery failure: 60 incidents
• Grounding: 51 incidents
• Collisions with other vessels: 45 incidents
• Fire/explosion: 8 incidents
• Hull damage: 6 incidents
• Others: 11 incidents

Wider range of search will be carried out to cover incidents of cargo failure etc.

23 Sept 2016: -

in addition to the update on 18 Mar, there were 3 more dry cargo ship incidents reported during period from 19 Mar to 122 Sept 2016:

No.10.   22 Mar: A 1980-built general cargo ship KM Bunga Melati XV hit a reef while approaching the port’s dock, suffered a breach in its hull and sank in the port of Tagulandang in Indonesia;

No.11.   16 May: Panamanian-flagged bulk carrier New Mykonos, dwt 161,121 built in 1997, which ran aground on January 29, south of Faux Cap, southern Madagascar, broke into two and sank.

No.12.   30 Jul: Bulk carrier Benita, dwt 44,183 built in 1998, which was under tow en route from Mauritius to India, sunk approximately 93.5 nautical miles from Mauritius.


18 Mar 2016: -

There were 9 dry cargo ship incidents reported during period from 1 Jan to 18 Mar 2016:
No.1. 9 Jan: bulker “China Star 107”, dwt 960, with five crew on board (presumed all lost), sank in East China Sea, owned by Chinese company Fuzhou Yonghua Shipping, carrying steel and wood from Shanghai to Fuzhou.

No.2. 11 Jan, Panama-flagged Russian general cargo vessel “City”, dwt 7,001, ran aground on a breakwater approaching Sakata port in Japan’s Yamagata Prefecture. The hull was breached. With 18 crew on board. No life loss reported.

No.3. 25 Jan, Venezuela-flagged general cargo ship “Alita”, dwt 4,250, sank off Colon, Panama, while awaiting scrapping at anchorage off Colon, Panama, after colliding with another vessel.

No.4. 26 Jan, Vietnamese general cargo ship “Dong Thien Phu Silver”, dwt 3762, owned by Ho Chi Minh City-based Dong Thien Phu Mien Nam, sank after it collided with the product tanker Ocean Osprey.

No.5. 28 Jan, Bulk carrier LOS LLANITOS, dwt71665, Mexican flag, most likely be dismantled where it ran aground near Mexico’s Barra de Navidad. Mexican Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) said that the first option would be to dismantle the vessel in place.

No.6. 2 Feb, A Mongolia-flagged bulk carrier “South Star”, dwt 27,652, caught fire while moored in Tonkin Bay, Hai Phong, Vietnam. The fire caused severe damage to the superstructure.

No.7. 18 Feb, general cargo vessel “Lintas Belawan”, dwt 8,294, caught fire off Masalembu Islands in Indonesia and sank soon after. The fire broke out in the engine room and spread throughout and caused an explosion aboard.

No.8. 29 Feb, Bulker “Bao Jiang 88” carrying 4,600 tons of ore concentrates (presume dwt around 5000), capsized and subsequently sank off Shanghai. It was reported improper trimming of the vessel’s cargo led to the sinking. No life was lost.

No.9. 14 Mar, general cargo vessel “Shen Zhou 33”, with 5 crew onboard, started listing due to a shift of the cargo and capsized and sank in the Taiwan Strait. No life was lost.



16 Mar 2016:-

INTERCARGO Bulk Carrier Casualty Report 2015, available for download here.

The Report was reviewed by Technical Committee and approved by Executive Committee on 8 Mar 2016. TradeWinds publishes an article bringing our concerns to the public.

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