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17 Feb 2016:-

INTERCARGO, together with BIMCO and ICS, submitted a paper to request IMO's Marine Environment Committee to finalise the global CO2 data collection system at its 69th session (to be held on 18-22 Apr 2016), and to approve amendments to MARPOL Annex VI for its mandatory application, so that ships can provide the required data as soon as possible. The Co-sponsors also reaffirm their continuing support for the ‘three step process’.

The INTERCARGO et al paper can be downloaded by click here.


(25 Jan 2016)

Follow-up update (1) - Air Pollution Control Regulation in Hong Kong and Mainland China

As posted further down this webpage on on 16 Dec 2015 , the Air Pollution Control Regulation in China will be implemented from 1 Apr 2016 in Yangtze River core ports - Shanghai, Zhoushan-Ningbo, Suzhou and Nantong ports, referring to the notice of the Ministry of Transport at webpage on 20 Jan 2016: (in Chinese only).


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