Benchmarking Report


The INTERCARGO Benchmarking Bulk Carriers 2015-16 report has been published. Non-members may order the report at the price of GBP 100 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Members will be receiving their free copy.

Benchmarking 2015 2016


INTERCARGO’s 2015-2016 Benchmarking report is published at challenging times for its members, the dry cargo shipowners. Through to 2016 the market suffered with the Baltic Dry Index diving to a historic low, before showing improvement in the second half of the year. With revenues decreasing to unsustainable levels, many shipowners’ economic viability was compromised, newbuilding activity slowed down, and demolitions rose. This crisis as always created opportunities, as the increased levels of sale-and-purchase activity demonstrated. As a result, the supply side will hopefully enjoy slower growth in the next years, in the face of more uncertain demand patterns. In this challenging commercial context, regulatory requirements have been progressing at a rapid pace.

INTERCARGO’s commitment to safety, efficiency, and the environment, have become reference themes, even more so as, especially in difficult times, ‘quality’ makes the difference, which is otherwise INTERCARGO’s primary focus. The present report is indeed largely about quality in dry cargo shipping.

benchmarking 2013The INTERCARGO Benchmarking Bulk Carriers 2012-13 report contains statistical and benchmarking information on bulk carriers. 

It provides guidance and market data to owners, Port State Control authorities, flag states, financiers, terminal operators, charterers and other industry stakeholders.